Accessories for men

Since the dawn of human civilization, men have been wearing accessories - from the brooches of the Vikings to the signet rings of the ancient Egyptians and the pearl bracelets of the Polynesians. Clothing may have been a necessity, but accessories have always been a direct form of personal and cultural expression.

Accessories are also the longest-lasting remains of ancient people. When archaeologists uncover the ruins of ancient cities, settlements, buildings, burial monuments, etc. what do they find besides pottery and foundations? When nothing remains of the people who lived there - their clothes and bodies consumed by the earth - how do we know who they were, how they lived, how they expressed themselves?

From their accessories. Did they wear gold or silver? What symbols were engraved on their objects? How detailed were their plans? The answers tell us not only about their personalities and tastes, but also about how far their sphere of influence extended and with whom they did business. Accessories help us tell our story, a story that can remain indelible even through time.