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Room Divider with 4 Panels Brown 160x220 cm Fabric

Room Divider with 4 Panels Brown 160x220 cm Fabric

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This room divider can divide a room into several parts to provide a private space and protect your privacy.

Durable material: The fabric has a simple and clean look, is breathable and durable.
Flexible function: You can not only use the room divider screen to separate the bedroom or block off part of the room as needed, but also place it on the side of the window to block direct sunlight. Of course, you can even use the screen as a background wall.
Foldable design: This 4-panel room divider is foldable, so it is easy to store without taking up much space.


Each product comes with an assembly manual in the box for easy assembly.

Brown color
Material: Fabric (100% Polyester), Iron
Overall dimensions: 160 x 220 cm (W x H)
Dimensions of each panel: 36.5 x 175 cm (W x H)
EAN: 8720287195658
SKU: 350167
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